1) Can I order additional products?
No sorry once we are up and running we hope to offer additional products

2) Can I freeze the product?
Yes unless we say otherwise

3) Where else do you deliver to?
We are restricted to the areas mentioned at this stage. As we get a better picture of the demand for our products we will try and expand accordingly

4) I sent a message on Facebook and didn't get a reply?
Our Facebook page is used for marketing of the service any questions should go through our website.We do not have time to reply on both pages

5) Can I pick up an order from the King Billy?
Yes, the best way would be to to send your contact details and we will phone you.

6) We paid but didn't receive our order?
If we have a problem completing your order we will phone and keep you updated. If we are unable to fulfill your order we will refund you in full.